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Words That Rhyme With "Punting" :

2 syllables:

anting, banteng, Banting, blunting, bumkin, bumping, bunning, bunting, buntline, butting, chanting, chunking, clumping, clunking, counting, cunning, cutting, daunting, denting, dumping, dunning, fainting, flaunting, flunking, fronting, funding, glinting, granting, grunting, gunning, gutting, haunting, hinting, hunting, jumping, junking, jutting, lumping, minting, mounting, muntin, Nutting, planting, plumping, plunking, printing, ranting, renting, runnin', running, shunning, shunting, shutting, slanting, slumping, sprinting, squinting, stinting, strutting, stumping, stunning, stunting, sunning, tainting, taunting, tenting, thumbkin, thumping, tinting, trumping, trunking, vaunting, venting, wanting

3 syllables:

abutting, accounting, affronting, amounting, anointing, assenting, cementing, confronting, consenting, debunking, decanting, defunding, disgruntling, dissenting, enchanting, eventing, fermenting, headhunting, hirundine, implanting, imprinting, inventing, lamenting, outrunning, presenting, preventing, rebutting, recanting, recounting, refunding, relenting, replanting, reprinting, rerunning, resenting, spelunking, supplanting, surmounting, transplanting, unstinting

4 syllables:

antidumping, circumventing, disenchanting, reinventing, representing, unconsenting, unrelenting

5 syllables: