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Words That Rhyme With "Quiver" :

2 syllables:

aver, beaver, bever, blither, blizzard, braver, Bridger, caver, Cheever, claver, cleaver, clever, clifford, clivers, clover, cover, craver, deaver, differ, dither, diver, doover, Dover, driver, drover, ever, favor, favour, fever, fiver, flavor, flavour, flivver, giver, gizzard, glover, graver, griever, groover, Grover, haver, heaver, hither, hoover, hover, izard, izzard, laver, leaver, lever, liver, livre, lizard, louvar, louver, lover, mover, never, niver, over, paver, plover, raver, reaver, Reever, river, rover, saver, savor, savour, scissor, scissure, scrivener, scriver, sever, shaver, shiver, shover, Shriver, siever, silver, skiver, slaver, slither, sliver, sniffer, staver, steever, stiffer, stiver, stover, striver, stuiver, thither, Trevor, vizard, zither

3 syllables:

abridger, achiever, almsgiver, approver, aquiver, arriver, believer, cadaver, caregiver, conceiver, contriver, deceiver, deliver, desilver, discover, disfavor, disfavour, disprover, dissever, downriver, endeavor, endeavour, engraver, forever, forgiver, Hannover, however, improver, incisure, landrover, lawgiver, longsleever, maneuver, manoeuvre, moreover, palaver, perceiver, quicksilver, receiver, recover, reliever, remover, reprover, retriever, reviver, revivor, soever, survivor, thanksgiver, transceiver, uncover, upriver, Vancouver, whatever, whenever, wherever, whichever, whoever, whomever

4 syllables:

clishmaclaver, howsoever, misbeliever, nonbeliever, outmaneuver, redeliver, rediscover, unbeliever, undelivered, undercover, whatsoever, whencesoever, whensoever, wheresoever, whichsoever, whomsoever, whosesoever, whosoever

5 syllables:

overachiever, whithersoever