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Words That Rhyme With "Radical" :

3 syllables:

addible, apical, calicle, calycle, canticle, capital, capitol, classical, clavicle, fascicle, madrigal, magical, medical, nodical, nudicaul, panicle, pedicle, radicle, sanicle, statical, tactical

4 syllables:

Adamical, botanical, compatible, empathically, fanatical, fatidical, grammatical, juridical, lunatical, mechanical, methodical, preclassical, prelatical, premedical, rhapsodical, sabbatical, synodical, theatrical, transcapital, tyrannical, unclassical, veridical, viatical

5 syllables:

aeromedical, apostatical, astrolabical, biomedical, caryatidal, enigmatical, geomedical, immethodical, incompatible, intercapital, interclavicle, mathematical, neoclassical, nongrammatical, paramedical, periodical, problematical, puritanical, pyramidical, semiclassical, ungrammatical, unmethodical

6 syllables:

ecclesiastical, photomechanical, servomechanical

7 syllables: