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Words That Rhyme With "Ranger" :

2 syllables:

ager, blunger, cager, caner, changer, conjure, danger, gainer, gainor, gauger, ginger, granger, hinger, injure, lounger, Mainer, major, Maner, manger, Maynard, pager, plainer, planar, planer, plunger, Pranger, saner, seiner, sponger, stager, stainer, stranger, wager, waner, yager, Zenger

3 syllables:

abstainer, arranger, attainture, avenger, bushranger, campaigner, complainer, container, coplanar, detainer, endanger, exchanger, maintainer, maintainor, nonplanar, ordainer, phalanger, retainer, sustainer, upstager

4 syllables:

entertainer, uniplanar