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Words That Rhyme With "Rankle" :

2 syllables:

ampal, ample, angle, angled, ankle, Antal, bangle, cackle, cantal, cantle, chackle, Chantal, crankle, dangle, dangled, fangle, fangled, gangle, hackle, inkle, jackal, jangle, jangled, kinkle, mackle, macle, mangle, mangled, Mangual, mantel, mantle, mantled, nuncle, plantal, sample, santal, shackle, spackle, spangle, spangled, tackle, tangle, tangled, tinkle, twangle, twinkle, uncle, wangle, wangled, winkle

3 syllables:

atlantal, bespangle, dismantle, dismantled, ensample, entangle, entangled, example, fandangle, galangal, granduncle, newfangle, newfangled, octantal, peduncle, subsample, unshackle, untangle, untangled

4 syllables:

assonantal, covenantal, disentangle, disentangled, hippocampal

5 syllables:

postconsonantal, preconsonantal

6 syllables:

aphrodisiacal, interconsonantal