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Words That Rhyme With "Rapacious" :

2 syllables:

ashes, asses, bache's, bashes, basses, batches, brasses, caches, cashes, cassis, Cassius, catches, clashes, class's, classes, classics, classis, crash's, crashes, dashes, Decius, fascists, flash's, flashes, gas's, gases, gashes, gasses, glass's, glasses, grasses, hashes, hashish, hatch's, hatches, laches, lashes, latches, Lucius, luscious, masses, match's, matches, Mathes, Mathis, Nash's, rashes, sashes, scratches, slashes, smashes, snatches, splashes, thatches, thrashes, trashes

3 syllables:

Agassiz, amasses, attaches, Confucius, Cretaceous, detaches, harasses, Horatius, Ignatius, Lucretius, mismatches, molasses, morasses, pugnacious

4 syllables:

apparatchiks, Athanasius, Primulaceous