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Words That Rhyme With "Recent" :

2 syllables:

decent, docent, Ethan, mustn't, naissant, nascent, nessen, nocent, passant, season, weasand, weazen, wisent

3 syllables:

abducent, acescent, adducent, adjacent, albescent, candescent, canescent, Capetian, caulescent, complacent, complaisant, completion, confessant, dehiscent, deletion, depletion, discussant, flavescent, fluorescent, frutescent, glaucescent, Helvetian, ignescent, impletion, incessant, indecent, lactescent, liquescent, marcescent, midseason, pearlescent, Phoenician, pubescent, quiescent, relucent, renascent, repletion, rubescent, rufescent, senescent, spinescent, subjacent, suppletion, Tahitian, translucent, tumescent, turgescent, unseasoned, Venetian

4 syllables:

acaulescent, acquiescent, adolescent, alkalescent, arborescent, carburetion, circumjacent, convalescent, delitescent, Diocletian, effervescent, efflorescent, Epictetian, erubescent, evanescent, incalescent, incandescent, incompletion, indehiscent, ingravescent, interjacent, iridescent, juvenescent, luminescent, noctilucent, obsolescent, opalescent, reminiscent, superjacent, viridescent

5 syllables:

Elizabethan, preadolescent, radiolucent, subincandescent

6 syllables:

thermoluminescent, triboluminescent