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Words That Rhyme With "Repent" :

1 syllable:

bent, blent, Brent, cent, dent, fent, gent, Ghent, hent, Kent, lent, meant, pent, pschent, rent, scent, sent, sklent, spent, sprent, stent, tent, Trent, vent, went

2 syllables:

accent, anent, ascent, assent, augment, besprent, cement, concent, consent, content, dement, descent, detent, dissent, distent, event, extent, ferment, forespent, forewent, fornent, forspent, forwent, ident, indent, intent, invent, lament, misspent, outspent, outwent, percent, precent, prevent, relent, resent, Tashkent, unbent, unmeant, unrent, unspent

3 syllables:

circumvent, discontent, malcontent, nonevent, overspent, reinvent, represent, thereanent, underwent

4 syllables:


5 syllables:

overrepresent, underrepresent