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Words That Rhyme With "Rousing" :

2 syllables:

blazing, boozing, bowsing, browsing, buzzing, causing, choosing, closing, dousing, dowsing, dozing, drowsing, easing, feazing, fizzing, fusing, gazing, glazing, gouging, hazing, hosing, housing, losing, mouthing, musing, nosing, oozing, pausing, phasing, pleasing, posing, quizzing, schmoozing, seising, seizing, sizing, sneezing, snoozing, sousing, southing, squeezing, teasing, using, wheezing, whizzing

3 syllables:

abusing, accusing, advising, amazing, amusing, appeasing, arising, arousing, carousing, chastising, composing, confusing, defusing, degaussing, despising, devising, diffusing, disclosing, disguising, displeasing, disposing, enclosing, espousing, excusing, exposing, foreclosing, imposing, infusing, misusing, opposing, perusing, proposing, recusing, refusing, reusing, revising, suffusing, supposing, unpleasing, upsizing, warehousing

4 syllables:

decomposing, juxtaposing, oversizing, overusing, predisposing, reimposing, unimposing

5 syllables:


6 syllables:

decriminalizing, sensationalizing