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Words That Rhyme With "Rubbing" :

2 syllables:

blooding, bobbing, bubbling, bucking, budding, bugging, butting, chucking, chugging, clubbing, clucking, cubbing, cupping, cutting, dabbing, daubing, doubling, drubbing, dubbin, dubbing, Dublin, ducking, ebbing, flooding, fucking, gabbing, gutting, Hibbing, hobbing, hugging, jabbing, jutting, lobbing, Lublin, lucking, lugging, mucking, mugging, nabbing, nubbin, Nutting, plucking, plugging, pugging, putting, scrubbing, shucking, shutting, slugging, snubbing, snugging, sobbing, stabbing, studding, subbing, subring, sucking, tabbing, tubing, tucking, tugging, upping, webbing

3 syllables:

abutting, debugging, imbibing, rebutting, redoubling