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Words That Rhyme With "Sapidity" :

3 syllables:


4 syllables:

acidity, acridity, algidity, aridity, avidity, cupidity, flaccidity, floridity, fluidity, frigidity, gelidity, gravidity, humidity, hybridity, limpidity, liquidity, lividity, lucidity, morbidity, pallidity, placidity, putridity, rabidity, rancidity, rapidity, rigidity, solidity, squalidity, stolidity, stupidity, tepidity, timidity, torpidity, torridity, tumidity, turbidity, turgidity, validity, vapidity, viridity, viscidity

5 syllables:

anacidity, illiquidity, insipidity, intrepidity, invalidity, pellucidity, subacidity

6 syllables:

hyperacidity, hypoacidity, superfluidity