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Words That Rhyme With "Sarongs" :

1 syllable:

bangs, bombes, bombs, Bonn's, bonnes, bonze, Brauns, bronze, cons, dawns, dons, fangs, fons, frons, fung's, gangs, gongs, hangs, hons, Johns, Jung's, Lange's, lawns, longs, lungs, moms, Mons, nonce, ons, pangs, pawns, ponce, pons, prawns, proms, prongs, Roms, Ron's, rungs, sconce, Shawn's, songs, sung's, tangs, throngs, toms, tongs, tongues, tung's, Vaughan's, wang's, wong's, wrongs, yawns, youngs

2 syllables:

Alphonse, Armstrong's, batons, belongs, ensconce, eponge, patonce, pogroms, prolongs, Pyongyang's, response, salons

3 syllables: