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Words That Rhyme With "Savin" :

2 syllables:

Alvin, Alvine, Baffin, Bevin, Calvin, calving, chaffinch, chevon, coven, covin, daffing, Devan, Devin, devon, even, flavin, flavine, Gavin, givin', halving, having, heaven, javelin, Kevin, laughing, leaven, levan, levin, livin', loven, malvin, mavin, Nevin, oven, pavan, ravelin, ravelling, ravin, razzing, scriven, sloven, spavin, staffing, swathing, sweven, travelling

3 syllables:

disproven, eleven, imagine, misgovern, nonwoven, replevin

4 syllables:

acriflavine, lactoflavin, riboflavin, trypaflavine