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Words That Rhyme With "Scuffle" :

2 syllables:

baffle, Brussel, bustle, duffel, duffle, Eiffel, hovel, hustle, hustled, muffle, muffled, muscle, muscled, mussel, offal, piffle, raffle, riffle, rifle, ruffle, ruffled, russel, Russell's, rustle, shovel, shuffle, shuffled, snaffle, sniffle, snuffle, stifle, trifle, truffle, tussal, tussle, tussled, waffle, whiffle

3 syllables:

bismuthal, crepuscle, falafel, kerfuffle, reshuffle, reshuffled, Schutzstaffel, triumphal, unmuffle, unruffle, unruffled

4 syllables: