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Words That Rhyme With "Sepal" :

2 syllables:

apple, betel, caple, chapel, copal, couple, cripple, cupel, dapple, deckle, deckled, djebel, duple, Eccles, fettle, fipple, freckle, freckled, grapple, graupel, gripple, Haeckel, Hebbel, heckle, heckled, heddle, Hegel, hipple, hopple, kemple, kettle, maple, medal, meddle, metal, metalled, mettle, nebel, nettle, nettled, nipple, opal, Opel, papal, pebble, pedal, peddle, peepul, people, petal, pettle, pipal, popple, Preble, pupal, rebels, reddle, regel, ripple, scopal, scrapple, scruple, shekel, speckle, speckled, staple, steeple, stempel, stemple, stipel, stipple, stopple, temple, tipple, topple, treadle, treble, trebled, triple, tripple, typal, wedel, Whipple

3 syllables:

archetypal, decouple, depeople, dispeople, estoppel, laypeople, quadruple, repeople, sextuple, uncouple, unmetalled, unpeople

4 syllables:

businesspeople, intermeddle, overpeople, prototypal

5 syllables:

Adrianople, Constantinople