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Words That Rhyme With "Severed" :

2 syllables:

bever, blether, clever, covered, deford, deforge, effort, ever, evered, favored, favoured, feather, feathered, fevered, flavored, haver, heather, heifer, hovered, leather, leathered, lever, louvered, measured, nether, never, quavered, shivered, tether, tethered, treasured, Trevor, wavered, weather, weathered, wether, whether, zephyr

3 syllables:

aweather, birdfeather, delivered, discovered, endeavor, endeavored, endeavour, forever, however, maneuvered, recovered, soever, together, uncovered, unfeather, unflavoured, unmeasured, whatever, whenever, wherever, whichever, whoever, whomever

4 syllables:

altogether, Eliezer, howsoever, outmaneuvered, rediscovered, semidesert, undelivered, undiscovered, whatsoever, whencesoever, whensoever, wheresoever, whichsoever, whomsoever, whosesoever, whosoever

5 syllables:

Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuchadrezzar, whithersoever