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Words That Rhyme With "Shaping" :

2 syllables:

aching, aiding, Aiken, aping, baiting, baking, bating, beeping, blading, bleeping, braiding, braking, breaking, capping, chipping, chopping, clapping, clipping, coping, copping, crating, creeping, cropping, cupping, dating, Dechen, dipping, draping, dripping, drooping, dropping, fading, faking, flaking, flapping, flipping, flopping, gaping, gating, grading, grating, griping, gripping, groping, grouping, hating, heaping, hipping, hoping, hopping, hyping, keeping, lading, laking, lapping, leaping, looping, lopping, makin', making, mapping, mating, moping, mopping, napping, nipping, peeping, Peiping, piping, plaguing, plaiting, plating, popping, prepping, propping, quaking, raiding, raking, raping, rapping, rating, reaping, ripping, roping, sabin, sapping, scooping, scoping, scraping, scrapping, seeping, sipping, skating, skipping, slapping, slating, sleeping, slipping, sloping, snaking, snapping, sniping, snooping, sopping, staking, stapling, statin, stating, stepping, stooping, stopping, strapping, striping, stripping, swapping, sweeping, swiping, swooping, takin', taking, taping, tapping, tipping, topping, trading, traipsing, trapping, tripping, trooping, typing, upping, wading, waitin', waiting, waking, weeping, weighting, whapping, whipping, whooping, whopping, wiping, wrapping, zapping, zipping

3 syllables:

abating, awaiting, berating, blockading, cascading, creating, crusading, debating, deflating, degrading, downgrading, elating, equating, equipping, escaping, evading, forsaking, guttatim, inflating, invading, landscaping, misdating, misstating, mistaking, negating, outstripping, parading, persuading, pervading, postdating, recapping, recouping, regrouping, relating, remaking, reshaping, restating, retaking, safekeeping, sedating, skyscraping, translating, unfading, unwrapping, upbraiding, updating, upgrading, verbatim

4 syllables:

annotating, innovating, literatim, masquerading, overrating, procreating, reinstating, serenading, seriatim, underrating

5 syllables:

vasodilating, videotaping