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Words That Rhyme With "Shortlived" :

1 syllable:

braved, caved, chiv, craved, drift, gift, give, grieved, grift, heaved, lived, miffed, paved, peeved, quizzed, raved, revved, riffed, rift, saved, shaved, sheave, shift, shiv, shoved, shrift, sieve, sift, sniffed, spiv, squiffed, staved, stiffed, swift, thrift, tift, waived, waved, weaved, whizzed

2 syllables:

achieved, adrift, aggrieved, behaved, bereaved, conceived, deceived, depraved, engraved, forgive, misgive, outlived, perceived, received, relived, retrieved, unpaved, unsaved, unshaved

3 syllables:

misbehaved, misconceived, misperceived, preconceived, undeceived, unperceived