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Words That Rhyme With "Sissy" :

2 syllables:

acey, basey, Bessie, bitchy, bitsy, bracey, brisky, busy, Casey, christie, Christy, cissy, cliffy, creasey, creasy, Crecy, cressy, crispy, Dacey, disci, dishy, dixie, dixy, dizzy, dressy, Ducey, Essie, facey, fishy, fitchy, fizzy, fleecy, Frisbee, frisky, frizzy, fussy, Gipsy, glitzy, gracey, Gracie, greasy, Gussie, gypsy, hitchy, hussy, iffy, itchy, Jesse, Jessie, jiffy, kissee, kissy, kitschy, Kristi, Kristie, Kristy, lacey, lacy, limsy, lisi, lizzie, macey, macy, messy, miffy, Mincey, mincy, missey, missy, misty, mussy, nessie, nixie, pacey, pitchy, pithy, pixie, pixy, precis, primsie, prissy, pyxie, quincey, Quincy, racey, racy, Richie, riffi, rishi, risky, Ritchie, ritzy, sniffy, snitchy, spacey, spiffy, squiffy, squishy, Stacey, Stacy, swishy, Tessie, thistly, tipsy, tizzy, tracey, Tracy, tressy, tricksy, Trixie, twisty, Vesey, whiffy, whimsy, whiskey, whisky, wincey, wishy, wispy, witchy, withey

3 syllables:

Debussy, Fascisti, marchesi, Medici, O'casey, Poughkeepsie, vibrissae

4 syllables:

overbusy, Sulawesi, Tbilisi