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Words That Rhyme With "Sitters" :

2 syllables:

batters, beaters, betters, bettors, bickers, bidders, Biggers, bitters, blisters, blitzer's, boaters, butters, caters, cheaters, chiggers, chipper, chitter, clicker, clippers, craters, critters, cutters, daughters, debtors, dhikr, dicker, diggers, dippers, Ditmars, doubters, drifters, eaters, fetters, fighters, filters, fitter, flickers, flippers, flitter, floaters, flutters, freighters, fritter, gators, getters, gipper, glidder, glitters, gridder, gripper, gritter, gutters, haters, heaters, hipper, Hitler's, hitters, hooters, icker, jiggers, jitters, kickers, kidder, kippers, knickers, knitter, latter's, letters, licker, lifters, lighters, linters, lipper, liquors, liters, litters, looters, matters, meters, misters, motors, mutters, nicker, niggers, nipper, otters, peters, pickers, pipper, platters, plotters, potters, pricker, printers, putters, quicker, quilters, quitters, quittor, raters, rickers, ridder, rigors, ripper, ritter, rooters, rotors, routers, scooters, scouters, shatters, shippers, shitter, shooters, shutters, skaters, skeeters, skidder, skippers, skitter, slaters, slaughters, slickers, slippers, snickers, snifters, spatters, spitter, splinters, splitter, spotters, sprinters, sputters, squatters, staters, stickers, strippers, stutters, sweaters, Tatars, tatters, teeters, thicker, ticker, tippers, titter, traitors, treaters, tricker, triggers, trippers, tutors, twisters, twitter, utters, vicars, victors, vintners, voters, waiters, waters, watters, whicker, whipper, wicker, widder, wiggers, winters, witters, writers, yachters, zippers

3 syllables:

aglitter, atwitter, commuters, computers, constrictors, creators, curator's, debaters, debator's, depleters, dictators, embitter, emitter, equators, imbitter, midwinter's, outfitters, polluters, predictors, promoters, recruiters, redicker, remitter, repeaters, resistors, submitter, transistors, translators, transmitters

4 syllables:

babysitters, counterfeiters, manumitter, overnighters, underbidder

5 syllables:

microcomputers, minicomputers, supercomputers