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Words That Rhyme With "Sketchy" :

2 syllables:

achey, beachy, beechy, Bessie, bitchy, Cenci, chichi, Crecy, cressy, dressy, duchy, edgy, Essie, fitchy, fledgy, fleshy, fratchy, Frenchy, hedgy, hitchy, itchy, Jesse, Jessie, leachy, ledgy, lichi, litchi, messy, nessie, Nietzsche, patchy, peachy, pitchy, preachy, Reggie, Richie, Ritchie, scratchy, screechy, sedgy, smutchy, snatchy, snitchy, Strachey, stretchy, techy, Tessie, tetchy, touchy, tressy, veggie, Vesey, wedgie, wedgy, witchy

3 syllables:

Apache, archduchy, caliche, Campeche, degrace, depace, hibachi, huarache, huisache, Karachi, Koichi, kolacky, obeche

4 syllables:

mariachi, shakuhachi, Sulawesi