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Words That Rhyme With "Sloughing" :

2 syllables:

beefing, bluffing, briefing, brushing, busing, bussing, chafing, coughing, crushing, cussing, daffing, doffing, fussing, goofing, gushing, hoofing, huffing, hushing, knifing, muffin, muffling, nothin', nothing, offing, proofing, puffin, puffing, riffing, roofing, roughing, ruffing, ruffling, rushing, safing, scoffing, scuffling, shoving, shuffling, sniffing, snuffing, snuffling, soughing, spiffing, spoofing, staffing, strafing, stuffing, touching, trussing, tufting

3 syllables:

debriefing, discussing, engulfing, handcuffing, rebuffing, reshuffling, retouching

4 syllables:

decompressing, hemofuscin, robitussin