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Words That Rhyme With "Slumber" :

2 syllables:

amber, bummer, bumper, camber, chamber, Clumber, comer, cumber, cummer, drummer, dumber, dumper, Dunbar, dunder, ember, funder, gambier, Humber, hummer, jumper, Kimber, lumbar, lumber, member, mummer, mumper, number, rubber, rubor, rummer, sambar, scrubber, somber, sombre, somer, Sommer, stumper, sumer, summar, summer, Sumter, sunbird, sunburn, sunder, tambour, thumber, thumper, thunder, timber, timbre, tumbler, umber, under, Ungar, wonder

3 syllables:

asunder, December, dismember, encumber, hereunder, incumber, midsummer, misunder, nonmember, Nov, November, outnumber, refunder, remember, renumber, September, thereunder, unnumbered, whereunder

4 syllables:

antenumber, disencumber, disremember, dorsolumbar, misremember, unencumber