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Words That Rhyme With "Smooth" :

1 syllable:

blues, boos, booth, Boothe, booze, brews, bruise, chews, choose, choux, chuse, clews, clues, coups, crewes, crews, cruise, cruse, Cruz, cues, dews, do's, Drewes, Drews, Druse, Druze, dues, ewes, flews, flus, fuse, fuze, glues, goos, groove, hewes, hews, hues, Hughes, Jews, leu's, loos, lose, luth, Meuse, mewes, mews, muse, news, oohs, ooze, pews, prove, pughs, queues, roos, roose, ruse, ruth, scouth, screws, shoes, skewes, skews, sleuth, slews, snooze, sooth, soothe, sous, spews, stews, sues, tews, throughs, tooth, trews, truth, twos, veuve, views, who's, whose, woos, Wu's, yew's, you've, youse, youth, zoos

2 syllables:

accrues, accuse, adieux, amuse, approve, behoove, bemuse, canoes, cebus, chartreuse, confuse, contuse, debruise, defuse, defuze, disprove, Duluth, effuse, ensues, enthuse, eschews, excuse, forsooth, improve, incuse, infuse, mischoose, misuse, perfuse, Peru's, peruse, primenews, pursues, recuse, refuse, renews, reprove, reuse, reviews, revues, shampoos, suffuse, taboos, tattoos, Toulouse, transfuse, uncouth, untruth, worldnews

3 syllables:

circumfuse, disabuse, disapprove, interfuse, kangaroos, misconstrues, overuse, superfuse, underuse, Veracruz