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Words That Rhyme With "Soft" :

1 syllable:

aft, bluffed, boff, bossed, calfed, chuffed, coff, coft, cost, cough, craft, croft, crossed, cuffed, daft, doff, dost, draft, draught, fluffed, frost, glossed, glost, goff, Gough, graft, groff, haft, hauf, Hof, hoofed, huffed, koph, kraft, laughed, loft, lost, luffed, off, oft, prof, prost, puffed, qoph, raft, rost, roughed, ruffed, scoff, scuffed, shaft, shroff, snuffed, staffed, stuffed, Taft, toff, toft, tossed, tost, toughed, trough, tuft, waft

2 syllables:

abaft, accost, aloft, Alost, Ashcroft, cabossed, chipsoft, Christophe, cockloft, defrost, embossed, engraft, exhaust, hayloft, ingraft, rebuffed, redraft, uncrossed, unstuffed

3 syllables:

Kishinev, Metchnikoff, powersoft, undercroft