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Words That Rhyme With "Solid" :

2 syllables:

auklet, aulic, ballad, boblet, colic, collet, collied, colloid, crosslet, droplet, eyelid, faulted, felid, followed, frolic, gelid, goblet, goglet, halted, hollowed, malted, omelet, pallid, rollick, scalded, Smollett, squalid, stolid, valid, vaulted, wallet, walleyed

3 syllables:

bucolic, carbolic, defaulted, ecbolic, embolic, enolic, eolic, exalted, fringillid, gempylid, glycolic, hydraulic, Mongolic, petrolic, phenolic, shambolic, symbolic

4 syllables:

alcoholic, amphibolic, anabolic, apostolic, catabolic, chrysomelid, epibolic, epistolic, fumarolic, gastrocolic, hyperbolic, hypergolic, katabolic, melancholic, metabolic, parabolic, phycocolloid, semisolid, workaholic

5 syllables:

ametabolic, extrasystolic, nonalcoholic, subapostolic

6 syllables:

hemimetabolic, holometabolic