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Words That Rhyme With "Standard" :

2 syllables:

amber, ander, angered, antre, Bamberg, bander, Bangor, banner, banter, bantered, blander, blundered, brander, brandford, branner, camber, candor, candour, canner, canter, cantor, chandler, chanter, clamber, clambered, dander, fendered, floundered, foundered, gander, glandered, grander, granter, grantor, Hamburg, handcar, handcart, hander, handguard, handler, hangbird, hindered, lambert, lander, landler, Landor, landward, languor, lanner, laundered, manner, mannered, manor, manter, pander, pandered, panter, planner, plantar, planter, plundered, pondered, rander, ranter, rendered, sambar, sandbar, sandbur, Sandburg, sander, Sandor, sandwort, scanner, slander, slandered, spanner, squandered, thundered, tranter, vanguard, wandered, wanter, wondered, zander

3 syllables:

commander, decanter, demander, enchanter, engendered, expander, germander, goosander, Leander, levanter, Lysander, Maeander, meander, meandered, Menander, mischanter, mishanter, nonstandard, philander, Scamander, substandard, supplanter, surrendered, transplanter, trochanter, unhindered, unmannered

4 syllables:

Africander, Afrikander, Aleksander, aleksandr, alexander, coriander, gerrymandered, salamander

5 syllables: