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Words That Rhyme With "Stately" :

2 syllables:

ably, Ailey, akeley, alae, Aley, Attlee, bailey, bailie, Baillie, bailly, baily, baity, baley, Baty, bayly, blakely, brightly, brutely, ceilidh, chastely, cutely, daily, Daley, Daly, eighthly, eighty, fadely, faintly, fatly, featly, fitly, flatly, fleetly, frailly, gaily, galey, gately, gayly, gradely, grayly, greatly, greyly, Hailey, Haiti, haley, Hayley, Hayti, hotly, kaley, kati, Katie, katy, knightly, lately, Leyte, lightly, maley, matey, meetly, motley, mottley, mutely, neatly, nightly, Outley, Paley, paly, patey, paty, platy, pratie, quaintly, rattly, Rayleigh, rightly, saintly, scaley, scaly, shapely, sightly, slatey, slaty, slightly, sprightly, squatly, sweetly, tritely, vaguely, wakely, wally, weighty, whaley, Wheatley, wheatly, whitely, Whitley, whitly

3 syllables:

acutely, adroitly, carpale, completely, contritely, devoutly, dilutely, discreetly, discretely, Disraeli, effetely, forthrightly, ingrately, innately, Israeli, Kuwaiti, opaquely, ornately, politely, remotely, sedately, unknightly, unshapely, unsightly, uprightly

4 syllables:

absolutely, ahuehuete, bifurcately, circinately, digitately, impolitely, incompletely, indevoutly, indiscreetly, maladroitly, pulvinately, semidaily, ukulele

5 syllables:

emarginately, lanceolately

6 syllables: