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Words That Rhyme With "Strangled" :

2 syllables:

ambled, angle, angled, ankle, bangle, bungled, candle, dandle, dangle, dangled, fangle, fangled, gambled, gangle, gangrel, haggled, Handel, handle, handled, jangle, jangled, Kandel, Mandel, mangle, mangled, Mangual, mingled, sandal, sandaled, scandal, singled, spangle, spangled, tangle, tangled, twangle, vandal, wangle, wangled, wrangled

3 syllables:

bespangle, commingled, entangle, entangled, fandangle, galangal, mishandle, mishandled, newfangle, newfangled, rehandle, unhandled, untangle, untangled

4 syllables:

disentangle, disentangled, intermingled