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Words That Rhyme With "Technical" :

3 syllables:

chemical, ethical, ethnical, genital, helical, lexical, medical, pedicle, pellicle, reticle, ventricle, vesical, vesicle

4 syllables:

alchemical, arsenical, ascetical, congenital, electrical, esthetical, galenical, heretical, indexical, nontechnical, polemical, premedical, subgenital, unethical

5 syllables:

academical, agrochemical, alphabetical, antithetical, biochemical, biomedical, catechetical, dialectical, ecumenical, evangelical, geochemical, geomedical, histochemical, hypothetical, metathetical, microchemical, nonelectrical, paramedical, parenthetical, petrochemical, photochemical, pyrochemical, stratagemical, urogenital, zoochemical

6 syllables:

electrochemical, iatrochemical, physicochemical, radiochemical, unevangelical

7 syllables:

biogeochemical, ultramicrochemical