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Words that rhyme with "tell":

1 syllable:

bael, behl, bel, bell, belle, cell, chell, clell, del, dell, delle, dwell, dwelle, ehle, el, ell, elle, fehl, fel, fell, frel, gehl, gel, gell, grell, grelle, guel, hehl, hell, helle, jell, kehl, kell, kjell, knell, krell, lehl, mehl, mel, mell, melle, nel, nell, nelle, pehl, pell, pelle, prell, quell, schell, schmehl, schnell, schnelle, sell, selle, shell, smell, snell, spell, strehl, strehle, swell, well, welle, yell, yelle, zell, zelle

2 syllables:

accel, adel, adell, adelle, adwell, air cell, air well, akel, ancel, angelle, ansel, anwell, apel, appel, ardelle, arel, ark shell, armel, arvel, as well, atwell, b cell, bandshell, bardell, be well, bedel, befell, bendel, bignell, bilge well, blank shell, blood cell, bodell, bone cell, bozell, bracknell, brain cell, brownell, brunelle, bucknell, burdell, burrell, buzzell, cabell, cadelle, cambell, cantrell, cantrelle, capelle, carel, carmel, caudell, cd4 cell, cd8 cell, chandelle, chanel, chapell, chapelle, chappelle, church bell, clark cell, cold spell, compel, cone cell, cordell, cordelle, corell, cornell, cornelle, cottrell, crenelle, danelle, darnell, darrelle, death bell, death knell, decelle, desselle, develle, dispel, dispell, do well, dovel, dry cell, echelle, ecuelle, edell, egg cell, elwell, excel, expel, ezell, ezelle, farewell, fascell, fat cell, faupel, ferrel, fidel, flame cell, frenzel, fresnel, futrell, gabel, gabelle, gas shell, gas well, gazelle, germ cell, get well, giselle, grandrelle, gravelle, grinnell, ground swell, gsell, hair cell, hair gel, hard sell, harpel, hormel, hot spell, impel, indwell, irell, jail cell, janelle, jurel, kerr cell, labell, labelle, lamp shell, landell, lapel, lavelle, leavelle, ledwell, lemelle, leonelle, like hell, lobell, loisel, loiselle, lyell, lymph cell, mabelle, madelle, manuel, marcel, marcelle, markel, marvell, marvelle, mast cell, maxell, maybelle, mckell, mendell, micelle, michel, michele, michelle, miguel, mirelle, misspell, mizel, mizelle, moon shell, morel, morrell, moselle, mousel, mozelle, nacelle, nadel, nerve cell, nevel, night bell, niguel, nobel, noel, noelle, nouvelle, nouvelles, novell, noxell, odell, oil well, outsell, ozelle, peach bell, percell, pesnell, pie shell, plant cell, procell, propel, pump well, purcell, quenelle, quesnel, rachelle, raise hell, rampell, randell, rangel, ransdell, rappel, raquel, rebel, repel, resell, respell, revelle, rochelle, rod cell, romelle, rondelle, roselle, roussel, roussell, rousselle, rozelle, rudelle, ruelle, sabel, samelle, samiel, sarcelle, sardelle, savel, school bell, schwann cell, serve well, sex cell, sheep bell, ship's bell, shop bell, sibelle, skin cell, sleigh bell, soft sell, sperm cell, spinel, star shell, stem cell, stink bell, t cell, tank shell, taste cell, tavel, tooth shell, torell, tourelle, tube well, tusk shell, twaddell, tyrrell, udelle, unsell, unshell, unspell, unwell, upswell, uzzell, vandaele, varvel, vaupel, vervelle, vielle, waddell, wet cell, white cell, wind bell, wish well

3 syllables:

alarm bell, aquarelle, askarel, avenel, bell morel, beta cell, black morel, breathing spell, bubble shell, cancer cell, carousel, carrousel, cd4 t cell, cd8 t cell, chanterelle, chevronel, collar cell, coromell, cup morel, currer bell, damoiselle, danielle, daughter cell, demoiselle, dinner bell, diving bell, driven well, esquibel, esquivel, fairy bell, false morel, fire bell, fontanelle, fuel cell, gabriele, glial cell, goblet cell, golgi cell, golgi's cell, heather bell, heavy swell, helper cell, holding cell, honey bell, isabell, jargonelle, jeanmichele, karrusel, killer cell, kupffer's cell, leclanche cell, lenticel, leydig cell, leydig's cell, lyondell, magic spell, melville bell, mirabel, mirabelle, montiel, mother cell, mount carmel, muscadel, muscle cell, nonpareil, orabel, organelle, oversell, oyster shell, patty shell, personnel, pipistrelle, plasma cell, prickle cell, prison cell, racing shell, rafael, raising hell, raphael, red blood cell, riopel, sanmiguel, say farewell, scallop shell, sense of smell, shotgun shell, sickle cell, silver bell, single shell, sinking spell, sleeper cell, solar cell, sponge morel, squamous cell, standard cell, storage cell, stripper well, sugar shell, target cell, undersell, unit cell, very well, villanelle, warning bell, weston cell, white blood cell, whizbang shell, wildcat well, willow bell

4 syllables:

adipose cell, aix-la-chapelle, alfred nobel, andrew marvell, angelus bell, artesian well, beefsteak morel, bone-forming cell, cadmium cell, cell organelle, chlorospinel, clark standard cell, coat-of-mail shell, colloidal gel, columnar cell, common morel, conic morel, cuboidal cell, detention cell, early morel, electric bell, electric cell, electron shell, ezra cornell, formative cell, galvanic cell, gambling hell, ganglion cell, half-free morel, helper t cell, henry purcell, industrielle, james branch cabell, killer t cell, liberty bell, line personnel, mademoiselle, magical spell, mercury cell, mesdemoiselles, nepl, petty morel, primary cell, purkinje cell, radical cell, ruby spinel, scavenger cell, scorpion shell, sertoli cell, sertoli's cell, silica gel, smooth muscle cell, somatic cell, spirituel, spore mother cell, telephone bell, terrorist cell, thomson's gazelle, vanessa bell, visual cell, voltaic cell, word of farewell

5 syllables:

alexander bell, antipersonnel, artillery shell, auxiliary cell, canterbury bell, embryonic cell, epidermal cell, flagellated cell, floccose chanterelle, gustatory cell, intelligence cell, katherine cornell, luggage carousel, luggage carrousel, materiel, narrowhead morel, neoplastic cell, neuroglial cell, reproductive cell, secondary cell, selenium cell, sphenoid fontanelle, thick-footed morel, vegetative cell

6 syllables:

alfred bernhard nobel, augustin jean fresnel, cinnabar chanterelle, cytotoxic t cell, electrolytic cell, epithelial cell, management personnel, margarete gertrud zelle, operational cell, photoconductive cell, photoelectric cell, photovoltaic cell, saddled-shaped false morel, sphenoidal fontanelle, striated muscle cell

7 syllables:

alexander graham bell, alexander melville bell, anterior fontanelle, california false morel, military personnel

8 syllables:

hematopoeitic stem cell

9 syllables:

columnar epithelial cell, cuboidal epithelial cell

11 syllables:

order of our lady of mount carmel

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