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Words That Rhyme With "Theft" :

1 syllable:

aft, beefed, best, blessed, blest, bluffed, breast, Brest, briefed, calfed, chafed, chef, chest, chuffed, clef, cleft, clift, craft, crest, cuffed, daft, deaf, deft, draft, draught, dressed, drest, drift, eft, Este, feoff, fessed, fest, fluffed, gest, geste, gift, graft, grift, guessed, guest, haft, heft, hest, huffed, Jeff, jest, klepht, kraft, laughed, leafed, left, lest, lift, luffed, messed, miffed, nef, nest, pest, pressed, prest, puffed, quest, raft, ref, reft, rest, revved, riffed, rift, roughed, ruffed, scuffed, shaft, shift, shrift, sift, sniffed, snuffed, squiffed, staffed, stiffed, stressed, stuffed, swift, Taft, teff, test, thrift, tift, toughed, tuft, vest, waft, weft, west, wrest, zest

2 syllables:

abaft, abreast, acquest, addressed, addwest, adrift, appressed, arrest, assessed, attest, behest, bequest, bereft, caressed, celeste, compressed, confessed, congest, contest, debriefed, depressed, detest, devest, digest, digressed, distressed, divest, egest, enfeoff, engraft, expressed, finessed, funest, impressed, imprest, infeoff, infest, ingest, ingraft, invest, Midwest, molest, northwest, obsessed, obtest, oppressed, penwest, possessed, prestressed, professed, progressed, rearrest, rebuffed, recessed, redraft, repressed, request, retest, southwest, suggest, suppressed, transgressed, unblessed, unblest, undressed, unpressed, unrest, unstressed, unstuffed

3 syllables:

acquiesced, antitheft, coalesced, decongest, disinfest, disinvest, dispossessed, indigest, predigest, reassessed, reinvest, repossessed, telequest, telewest, unaddressed, unexpressed, unimpressed, unpossessed, unredressed

5 syllables: