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Words That Rhyme With "Tiffin" :

2 syllables:

Baffin, biffin, boffin, bowfin, cissing, coffin, dauphin, deafen, dissing, drifting, gifting, Gissing, givin', giving, griffin, griffon, gryphon, hissing, ivins, kissing, lifting, livin', living, Mifflin, missing, muffin, piffling, pissing, puffin, riffing, roughen, scriven, shifting, sieving, sifting, sniffen, sniffing, sniffling, spiffing

3 syllables:

dismissing, forgiving, Mcguffin, misgiving, outliving, reliving, thanksgiving

4 syllables:

acquisition, disquisition, inquisition, reminiscing, requisition, unforgiving

5 syllables:

corticotrophin, derequisition, gonadotrophin, somatotrophin

8 syllables: