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Words That Rhyme With "Trivial" :

3 syllables:

filial, finial, fluvial, foveole, gavial, ischial, Israel, jovial, lineal, pluvial, stibial, vitriol

4 syllables:

affixial, alluvial, coccygeal, convivial, diluvial, ecdysial, effigial, eluvial, illuvial, laryngeal, meningeal, monilial, nontrivial, popliteal, quadrivial, remigial, syringeal, unfilial, vestigial

5 syllables:

apterygial, diaphysial, epiphyseal, hypophyseal, hypophysial, interlineal, matrilineal, participial, patrilineal, rectilineal, uropygial

6 syllables:

anapophysial, cricopharyngeal, glossopharyngeal, oropharyngeal

7 syllables: