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Words That Rhyme With "Twinning" :

2 syllables:

awning, banning, binning, boning, branning, brimming, bringing, brining, browning, bunning, caning, canning, chaining, Channing, cleaning, clinching, clinging, cloning, clowning, coining, conning, cringing, crooning, crowning, cunning, dawning, deigning, denning, dimming, dining, dinning, donning, downing, draining, droning, drowning, dunning, fanning, fawning, feigning, fining, finning, flinching, flinging, frowning, gaining, gindin, ginning, gleaning, glinting, graining, greening, Grinling, grinning, groaning, groining, gunning, hinting, honing, inching, inning, joining, keening, kenning, kinchin, laning, leaning, lignin, limning, lining, loaning, lynching, manning, meaning, mincing, minim, mining, minting, moaning, owning, panning, penning, phoning, pinching, pinging, pining, pinning, planning, preening, printing, pruning, raining, reigning, reining, ringing, rinsing, running, scanning, screening, shining, shunning, signing, singin', singing, sinning, skimming, slimming, slinging, spanning, spawning, spinning, springing, sprinting, staining, steening, stinging, stinting, stoning, straining, stringing, stunning, sunning, tanning, thinning, tinning, tinting, toning, training, trimming, tuning, veining, vining, winning, wringing, yawning, zoning

3 syllables:

abstaining, adjoining, aligning, assigning, attaining, ballooning, beginning, bemoaning, campaigning, careening, cartooning, cocooning, combining, communing, complaining, condoning, confining, constraining, containing, convening, convincing, declining, defining, demeaning, designing, detaining, disdaining, disowning, divining, enjoining, explaining, gadrooning, impinging, imprinting, impugning, inclining, infringing, ingraining, intoning, machining, maintaining, obtaining, opining, ordaining, outrunning, pertaining, postponing, preplanning, reclining, refining, refraining, regaining, rejoining, remaining, reprinting, rerunning, rescinding, resigning, restraining, retaining, retraining, rezoning, subjoining, sustaining, unflinching, unmeaning, unstinting

4 syllables:

ascertaining, entertaining, hyacinthine, interlining, intervening, overtraining, realigning, reassigning, redefining, redesigning, terebinthine, uncomplaining, unconvincing, underpinning, undesigning

5 syllables:


6 syllables: