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Words that rhyme with "understand":

1 syllable:

and, band, banned, bland, brand, brande, canned, chand, fanned, gland, grand, grande, hand, land, lande, manned, panned, planned, rand, sand, sande, scanned, shand, spanned, strand, strande, vande

2 syllables:

arm band, at hand, ayn rand, big band, big hand, black hand, bourland, brake band, brass band, bridge hand, by hand, coats land, command, crash land, crown land, dance band, dead hand, deland, demand, din land, disband, dry land, duct gland, expand, fernand, field hand, firsthand, free hand, george sand, glad hand, good and, green gland, hoiland, in hand, jazz band, jug band, laband, left hand, lone hand, lymph gland, marchand, misbrand, offhand, oil gland, old hand, on hand, preen gland, ranch hand, remand, repand, right hand, rock band, round hand, sex gland, silk gland, steel band, sweat gland, sweep hand, tear gland, tilled land, unhand, unmanned, unplanned, whip hand, wilkes land, wrist band

3 syllables:

at first hand, baby grand, cash in hand, cigar band, close at hand, come to hand, common land, concert band, concert grand, confirmand, countermand, cowper's gland, ductless gland, eccrine gland, elder hand, eldest hand, grazing land, hand in hand, hand to hand, helping hand, high command, hired hand, holy land, honey gland, hour hand, in demand, little hand, lotus land, marching band, minute hand, mourning band, native land, no man's land, note of hand, on one hand, out of hand, parlor grand, parlour grand, peter's gland, piece of land, plot of land, poker hand, promised land, prostate gland, queen maud land, redemand, rio grande, rubber band, running hand, second hand, secondhand, section hand, sleight of hand, tarsal gland, thymus gland, thyroid gland, undermanned, upper hand, vocal band, wedding band

4 syllables:

absorption band, adelie land, adrenal gland, apocrine gland, bartholin's gland, digestive gland, elastic band, enderby land, endocrine gland, exocrine gland, frequency band, lachrymal gland, lacrimal gland, law of the land, mammary gland, multiplicand, on the one hand, parcel of land, parotid gland, pineal gland, ready to hand, sebaceous gland, sublingual gland, system command, vascular strand

5 syllables:

air combat command, air force space command, cultivated land, edwin herbert land, mandibular gland, meibomian gland, military band, nabothian gland, never-never land, on the other hand, parathyroid gland, salivary gland, suprarenal gland, vestibular gland, victoria land

6 syllables:

bulbourethral gland, male reproductive gland, pituitary gland, submandibular gland, submaxillary gland, sudoriferous gland, uropygial gland

8 syllables:

sublingual salivary gland

9 syllables:

central vein of suprarenal gland

10 syllables:

anterior pituitary gland, criminal investigation command, posterior pituitary gland, submandibular salivary gland, submaxillary salivary gland

19 syllables:

popular front for the liberation of palestine-general command

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