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Words That Rhyme With "Vaccines" :

1 syllable:

bean's, beans, Brenes, cleans, dean's, deans, denes, gene's, genes, green's, Greene's, greens, henes, jean's, Jeanes, Jeans, Kean's, leans, liens, lignes, means, peens, Queen's, queens, scenes, screens, sheen's, sheens, teens

2 syllables:

canteens, careens, Christine's, convenes, cuisines, demeans, eighteen's, eighteens, fifteens, fourteens, irene's, latrines, machine's, machines, marine's, marines, Martines, preteens, ravines, routines, Sabine's, sardines, sixteen's, sixteens, Slovenes, sunscreens, vaccine's

3 syllables:

figurines, gasolines, grenadines, intervenes, reconvenes, smithereens, wolverine's

4 syllables: