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Words That Rhyme With "Venulous" :

3 syllables:

annulus, credulous, Daedalus, emulous, granulose, inulase, nebulose, nebulous, pendulous, petalous, regulus, sedulous, setulous, spinulose, tremulous, xenolith

4 syllables:

acephalous, apetalous, bicephalous, bucephalus, dipetalous, incredulous, Persepolis, sympetalous, synsepalous, tripetalous

5 syllables:

anencephalous, antipetalous, autocephalous, choripetalous, cynocephalus, epipetalous, episepalous, gamopetalous, gamosepalous, hydrocephalous, hydrocephalus, macrocephalus, monocephalous, monopetalous, monosepalous, platycephalous, polypetalous, polysepalous, rhizocephalous