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Words That Rhyme With "Walesa's" :

2 syllables:

base's, Bruce's, casas, census, cestus, cresses, denseness, dresses, esses, Festus, freshens, Gesell's, Gresham's, guesses, Hesse's, mesa's, messes, methods, nasa's, Nessus, nestles, nexus, precious, preface, press's, presses, ressa's, Sessions, specials, stresses, tenseness, texas, trespass, tresses, vessels, wrestles, yeses

3 syllables:

addresses, aggressions, asbestos, assesses, caresses, concessions, confesses, confessions, consensus, depresses, depressions, digresses, digressions, discretions, distresses, embezzles, excesses, express's, expresses, expressions, Hephaestus, immenseness, impresses, impressions, medusas, obsesses, obsessions, oppresses, oppressions, possesses, possessions, processions, professes, professions, recessions, regressions, repressions, successes, suppresses, Teresa's, Theresa's, transgressions

4 syllables:

indiscretions, Paracelsus, ponderosa's, repossessions, semipostal, semiprecious

5 syllables: