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Words That Rhyme With "Water" :

2 syllables:

altar, alter, bloater, blotter, bluster, boaster, boater, bolster, bolter, boughter, boulter, boyter, broader, broider, buster, butler, butter, chuddar, chunter, cloister, cluster, clutter, coaster, colter, coper, cotter, coulter, crofter, crupper, cupper, cutler, cutter, daughter, dopester, dorter, dotter, drotar, ductor, duster, falter, floater, fluster, flutter, footer, foster, frater, funster, goiter, goitre, grunter, gunter, gutser, gutter, halter, haueter, hauter, holster, hotter, huckster, hunter, jointer, jokester, koetter, kotter, krauter, kreuter, kreutzer, lauder, lauter, lawter, loader, loiter, loper, lotter, luster, lustre, mahtar, mater, mortar, motor, motter, muenster, muster, mutter, notre, notter, nutter, oater, odor, oldster, otter, outer, oyster, palter, pauper, pointer, pollster, porter, poster, potter, pouter, poutre, prueter, punster, putter, quarter, reuter, reutter, roadster, roaster, roister, rotor, rotter, rudder, rustre, salter, sauder, saunter, sautter, schlotter, schlueter, schroeter, scoter, sculptor, scupper, scutter, shudder, shutter, slaughter, snorter, sooter, sopor, soter, souter, splutter, sporter, spotter, spudder, sputter, squatter, stauter, stoper, straughter, strawder, stutter, sumpter, supper, sutler, throwster, thruster, toaster, toper, trotter, trustor, udder, upper, utter, vawter, voider, voter, zotter

3 syllables:

abductor, abutter, adductor, aflutter, appointor, backwater, bowater, bowater, breakwater, bridgewater, bywater, clearwater, coldwater, combustor, conductor, cutwater, decoder, deepwater, defaulter, defroster, delustre, destructor, dewater, dishwater, dispauper, ditchwater, drinkwater, eductor, embroider, exploiter, eyewater, fairwater, feedwater, fitzwater, fizzwater, floodwater, fourposter, freshwater, goddaughter, goldwater, granddaughter, groundwater, handloader, importer, inductor, instructor, jerkwater, limewater, manslaughter, mccotter, meltwater, piotter, prealtar, promoter, rainwater, rebutter, reductor, saltwater, seawater, shearwater, sidewater, stepdaughter, stillwater, stopwater, supporter, tailwater, tidewater, transporter, uncloister, upholster, whitewater

4 syllables:

firewater, graphomotor, imprimatur, interrupter, locomotor, nonconductor, psychomotor, reconnoiter, reconnoitre, surrebutter, thermomotor, underwater, vasomotor

5 syllables:

depressomotor, electromotor, excitomotor, ideomotor, oculomotor, semiconductor