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Words That Rhyme With "Winding" :

2 syllables:

banding, bending, biding, binding, blending, blinding, bonding, bounding, branding, brining, chiding, dining, ending, fending, finding, fining, founding, funding, gliding, grinding, grounding, guiding, guidon, handing, hiding, hounding, kinin, landing, lending, linin, lining, mending, minding, mining, mounding, onding, pending, pining, pounding, rending, riding, rounding, sanding, sending, shining, siding, signing, sliding, sounding, spending, standing, stranding, striding, tending, tiding, trending, vending, vining

3 syllables:

abiding, abounding, absconding, aligning, amending, ascending, assigning, astounding, attending, befriending, bookbinding, colliding, combining, commanding, commending, compounding, confiding, confining, confounding, contending, deciding, declining, defending, defining, defunding, demanding, depending, deriding, descending, designing, disbanding, dividing, divining, expanding, expending, expounding, extending, faultfinding, impending, impounding, inclining, intending, misspending, nonbinding, offending, opining, outstanding, portending, presiding, pretending, providing, rebounding, reclining, refining, refunding, relending, reminding, rescinding, residing, resigning, resounding, responding, spellbinding, subsiding, surrounding, suspending, transcending, unbending, unending, unwinding, upending, withstanding

4 syllables:

apprehending, coinciding, comprehending, condescending, Coricidin, corresponding, gramicidin, interlining, leucocidin, leukocidin, masterminding, notwithstanding, realigning, reassigning, recommending, redefining, redesigning, tyrocidine, undemanding, understanding, undesigning, unpretending

5 syllables:

misunderstanding, overextending, uncomprehending

6 syllables: