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Words that rhyme with "wish":

1 syllable:

bisch, bish, blish, disch, dish, fisch, fish, frisch, gish, isch, ish, kisch, kish, klish, knish, krisch, lish, misch, mish, risch, rish, tisch, tish, trish, whish, wisz

2 syllables:

alms dish, big fish, cold fish, demisch, flame fish, food fish, fresh fish, frost fish, game fish, go fish, ladish, may fish, mcclish, mclish, mcnish, net fish, odd fish, poor fish, rough fish, side dish, soap dish, sport fish, surf fish, wolf fish, worm fish, young fish

3 syllables:

angler fish, basket fish, bellows fish, bony fish, bottom fish, butter dish, chafing dish, cichlid fish, clinid fish, convict fish, flashlight fish, flying fish, gadoid fish, ganoid fish, handsaw fish, jawless fish, karl von frisch, lancet fish, lobe-finned fish, lookdown fish, otto frisch, overfish, oyster fish, percoid fish, petri dish, polly fish, ragnar frisch, rainbow fish, rattail fish, razor fish, scombroid fish, sergeant fish, serving dish, skillet fish, soft-finned fish, solar dish, sparid fish, sucking fish, tuna fish

4 syllables:

anemone fish, blennioid fish, buffalo fish, butterfly fish, carangid fish, characin fish, clupeid fish, crucifix fish, cyprinid fish, freshwater fish, gefilte fish, kettle of fish, lillian gish, plectognath fish, porcupine fish, saltwater fish, sargassum fish, sciaenid fish, scorpaenid fish, scorpaenoid fish, scorpion fish, serranid fish, silurid fish, spiny-finned fish, teleost fish

5 syllables:

biplane flying fish, clown anemone fish, cypriniform fish, four-wing flying fish, otto robert frisch, poeciliid fish, siluriform fish, stromateid fish, two-wing flying fish

6 syllables:

cartilaginous fish, monoplane flying fish

7 syllables:

ragnar anton kittil frisch

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