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Words that nearly rhyme with "after":

2 syllables:

actor, afshar, akhtar, antar, antler, antre, apter, aster, astor, atar, attar, aztar, baffler, banter, barter, batter, better, bettor, blaster, blotter, bluster, bopster, bottler, buffer, burster, buster, butler, butter, camphor, canter, cantor, captor, caster, castor, catcher, center, centner, centre, chaffer, chamfer, chanter, chapter, charter, chatter, chunter, clatter, cluster, clutcher, clutter, conster, copter, coster, cottar, cotter, cutler, cutter, dabster, darter, dartre, debtor, dempster, dexter, doctor, doffer, dragster, drifter, ductor, duffer, duster, emptor, enter, ester, factor, faster, fester, fetter, fettler, flatter, fletcher, fluster, flutter, frater, funster, furfur, gaffer, gagster, ganter, garter, gaster, getter, goffer, golfer, grantor, grunter, gunter, gutser, gutter, haffner, hafner, hamster, hatter, hector, hefter, heifer, hotter, huckster, hunter, hurter, jaster, jester, jotter, kanter, kantor, kaptur, kaster, kelter, knotter, laffer, lamster, lanter, laster, latter, laughner, lecher, lector, letter, lifter, lobster, lofter, luster, lustre, mahar, maltster, manter, martyr, master, matter, melter, mobster, monster, muffler, muster, mutter, natter, nectar, nutter, ottar, otter, oxter, pachter, panter, pantler, partner, paster, pastor, pasztor, patter, pelter, pester, phosphor, plantar, planter, plaster, platter, plotter, potter, proctor, proffer, prompter, psalter, puffer, punster, quatre, questor, raptor, raster, ratter, rector, renter, roster, rotter, rougher, rustre, saffer, santor, scatter, scepter, sceptre, schachter, schaffner, schlachter, sculptor, scutter, sector, setter, settlor, shaffner, shatter, shelter, shutter, slagter, slotter, smatter, smelter, snuffer, softer, spatter, specter, spectre, spelter, splatter, splutter, spotter, sputter, squatter, staffer, starter, stenter, stertor, stifter, stutter, suffer, sulfur, sulphur, sumpter, sutler, swatter, sweater, swelter, swifter, swotter, tapster, tartar, tatter, tattler, telfer, telpher, tenter, tester, tetter, thruster, totter, tractor, transfer, tranter, troffer, trotter, trustor, utter, vector, venter, watcher, welter, wester, woofter, yatter, yester, zaffer, zephyr, zoster

3 syllables:

abductor, abetter, abettor, abstractor, abutter, accentor, accepter, acceptor, adapter, adaptor, adductor, aflutter, alcantar, arrester, assentor, augmenter, bespatter, bimester, bisector, cadastre, cadaver, canaster, chiropter, collector, combustor, compactor, concenter, concentre, conductor, connector, contester, convector, converter, copartner, corrector, cremaster, cytaster, decanter, decenter, decentre, defector, deflector, delustre, destructor, desulfur, detector, diaster, digester, digestor, diopter, director, disaster, dispatcher, dissenter, eductor, effecter, effector, effractor, ejector, elector, enchanter, enfetter, erector, evertor, extractor, frequenter, galanter, grandmaster, headmaster, horopter, imposter, impostor, inductor, injector, inspector, instanter, instructor, inventer, inventor, inverter, invertor, levanter, macmaster, mcmaster, northwester, objector, pedalfer, piaffer, piaster, piastre, pilaster, pinaster, praepostor, precentor, preceptor, prepostor, preventer, projector, prosector, protector, protractor, rattler, reactor, rebutter, reductor, reenter, reflector, refractor, rejecter, remaster, rencontre, respector, retractor, reverter, scienter, selector, semester, sequester, settler, southwester, standpatter, subchapter, subtractor, succentor, tormentor, trimester, trochanter, unfetter, vignetter

4 syllables:

acusector, ambidexter, coniroster, hymenopter, imprimatur, interceptor, interrupter, nonconductor, oleaster, ornithopter, overmaster, paternoster, preselector, protomartyr, surrebutter, telecrafter, thioester

5 syllables:

acetobacter, chemoreceptor, circumferentor, cotoneaster, exteroceptor, interoceptor, phonoreceptor, photoreceptor, pressoreceptor, proprioceptor, semiconductor, verticillaster

6 syllables:

frigidoreceptor, mechanoreceptor, olfactoreceptor

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