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Words that nearly rhyme with "around":

1 syllable:

and, auld, bald, balled, band, banned, bawled, bend, bind, bland, blend, blind, blond, blonde, blount, blowsed, blowzed, bond, bonde, boned, boun, bounce, bown, bowsed, brand, brande, braund, brown, browsed, bund, bunde, burned, called, canned, chained, chand, child, chimed, churned, cleaned, climbed, cloned, cloud, clown, coined, compt, conde, conned, count, cowled, crawled, crined, crowd, crown, crowned, dawned, dined, donde, donned, down, drained, drawled, droned, drown, dunned, earned, end, ende, fanned, feigned, fend, fiend, filed, find, fined, flounce, fond, fouled, fount, foward, freind, freund, friend, frond, fronde, frounce, frown, fuld, fund, gained, gland, gleaned, gond, gouge, gouged, gowd, gown, grained, grand, grande, greened, grind, grinde, grinned, groaned, groined, ground, growled, grund, gunned, hald, hand, hauled, hind, hinde, honed, housed, howled, hund, hynd, joined, jounce, kind, kunde, land, lande, leaned, learned, lend, lind, linde, lindh, lined, loaned, longed, loud, loynd, lund, lunde, lynd, lynde, maned, manned, mauled, maund, mend, mende, mild, mind, mined, moaned, monde, mooned, mount, mouthed, mund, noun, nowed, ounce, owned, pained, panned, pawned, penned, pfund, phoned, piled, pinned, planed, planned, pond, pounce, preened, primed, pronged, proud, pruned, pulled, rained, rand, reigned, reined, rende, rhymed, riled, rind, rounce, round, roused, rund, runde, runed, rynd, sand, sande, scanned, schild, schlund, schwind, scimed, scowled, scrawled, screened, scrouge, send, shand, shined, shroud, shunned, signed, sind, sinned, skinned, smiled, spanned, spawned, spend, sprained, sprawled, spurned, stained, stalled, stand, stoned, strained, strand, strande, stroud, stunned, styled, sund, sunde, swooned, tanned, tend, thinned, thronged, tiled, timed, toned, town, trained, trend, trounce, tunde, tuned, turned, twined, und, vande, vined, wald, walde, walled, wand, waned, weaned, wend, wende, wild, wilde, wind, wined, wound, wronged, wylde, wynd, yawned, yearned, yount, zoned, zounds

2 syllables:

abstained, accompt, account, adjourned, adown, affined, aground, aligned, allmond, allowed, aloud, amend, amount, announce, appalled, append, arend, aroused, arraigned, ascend, assigned, attained, attend, attuned, avowed, background, ballooned, becloud, befriend, beguiled, behind, belonged, bemoaned, beyond, bloodhound, boarhound, bourland, buckhound, campaigned, campground, careened, casebound, chagrined, chowhound, combined, command, commend, compiled, complained, concerned, condoned, confined, confound, consigned, constrained, contained, contend, convened, coonhound, declined, deerhound, defend, defined, defund, deland, demand, demond, demount, denounce, depend, descend, designed, deskbound, detained, dethroned, disband, discerned, discount, discrown, disdained, dismount, disowned, downtown, dumond, earthbound, eastbound, edwald, elkhound, elkind, enjoined, enounce, enshrined, enshroud, enthralled, entwined, enwind, espoused, expand, expend, explained, extend, eyeground, fairground, fernand, festooned, firsthand, fishpound, fogbound, foreground, foxhound, gaumond, gazehound, godown, greyhound, gschwind, guimond, hellhound, hidebound, hoarhound, hoiland, hometown, hoofbound, horehound, housebound, icebound, imbrown, impugned, inclined, ingrained, installed, intend, intoned, inwind, laband, lafond, lamond, lampooned, leblond, machined, maintained, maligned, mankind, marchand, marooned, mckeand, midtown, miscount, misproud, newground, newshound, northbound, nutbrown, obnounce, obtained, offend, offhand, opined, ordained, outbound, outfrown, pertained, playground, portend, postponed, pretend, prolonged, pronounce, pronounced, purloined, rawboned, rebind, recalled, recount, refiled, refined, refrained, refund, regained, rejoined, relend, remained, remand, remind, remount, renounce, renown, rescind, resigned, respond, restrained, restyled, retained, retrained, returned, reviled, rotund, sleuthhound, smoothhound, snowbound, southbound, spellbound, staghound, surmount, surround, suspend, sustained, transcend, unbind, unboned, unbowed, unburned, uncalled, uncrown, uncrowned, unearned, unkind, unlined, unmanned, unplanned, unround, unshroud, unsigned, untrained, untuned, unturned, unwind, uptown, westbound, withstand, wolfhound, yearend

3 syllables:

aboveground, apprehend, ascertained, battleground, belowground, comprehend, correspond, disinclined, entertained, intertwined, intervened, interwind, kilopound, musclebound, nevermind, overcloud, overcrowd, overkind, overwind, paperbound, personkind, preassigned, preordained, realigned, reassigned, recommend, reconvened, redefined, redesigned, rosamund, semiround, superfund, turnaround, unaligned, unassigned, unatoned, unconcerned, unconfined, unconstrained, undefined, underground, undermined, understand, undesigned, unexplained, unrefined, unrestrained

4 syllables:

electrosound, misunderstand, overpronounce

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