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Words that nearly rhyme with "because":

1 syllable:

ahs, aus, baas, beaus, beaux, blose, bloss, blows, boase, boes, boies, bose, boss, boughs, bowes, bows, boy's, boyes, boys, boys', boze, brose, bross, brows, browse, broz, buzz, cars, cause, chas, chose, chows, clauss, close, closs, clothes, clowes, cords, corves, cos, coss, cow's, cows, coz, coze, croix's, cros, crose, cross, crosse, crow's, crows, croze, dhows, doe's, does, dos, doss, dow's, doze, dross, droz, faas, fauss, floss, flows, foes, foss, fraas, fross, froze, fuzz, gaz, ghose, gloss, glows, gloze, goes, gose, goss, grose, grows, hoes, hoise, hose, houghs, houze, how's, howe's, howes, howse, howze, joe's, joes, jos, joss, joy's, joys, kaas, kaus, klose, kloss, knauss, knous, knows, koss, krause, krausse, krauze, kroes, kroeze, kross, laas, lo's, loews, los, loss, lowe's, lowes, lows, maahs, maas, mas, mauss, mauthe, maz, moes, moise, mose, moss, mows, moyes, mroz, muzz, naas, nauss, noes, noise, nose, noss, now's, noyes, o's, o.'s, oas, oh's, owes, oz, pas, paz, ploss, plows, ploys, poe's, poise, pose, poss, pows, pro's, pros, pros', prose, pross, prows, prowse, raj, roes, roh's, rohs, rose, ross, rouse, row's, rowe's, rowes, rows, roy's, roys, sauce, schloss, schmaus, shah's, show's, shows, shows', sloss, slows, snows, so's, soss, sows, spas, staas, stauss, taos, those, thous, throes, throws, toes, toss, tows, toy's, toys, toys', troise, vase, vause, vose, voss, vows, waas, wah's, was, wharves, woes, wow's, wows, yoes, yoss, zoss

2 syllables:

abuzz, across, allows, aloys, amoss, annoys, appose, arose, arouse, audas, bateaux, bestows, bolshoi's, boulos, bylaws, campeau's, chainsaws, chandross, chateaus, chavous, compose, coultas, d'etat, deploys, depose, destroys, disclose, dispose, dubose, duclos, dupras, eloise, emboss, employes, employs, enclose, enjoys, espouse, expose, foreclose, forgoes, francoise, hanoi's, ijaz, impose, inclose, lacross, lacrosse, lebow's, macaws, maillots, mccaw's, mccoys, mieras, miro's, ocaw's, oppose, outcross, outlaws, perot's, plainclothes, poitras, poudreuse, propose, quatorze, repose, roussos, stavros, suppose, thrombose, transpose, truffaut's, uncaused, unclose, warsaw's, warsaws

3 syllables:

aeropause, chickasaws, debevoise, decompose, diapause, discompose, erminois, groseclose, homopause, illinois's, indispose, intercross, interpose, juxtapose, mesopause, overpoise, precieuse, predispose, presuppose, recompose, reimpose, serpose, superpose, tropopause, wichita's

4 syllables:

avoirdupois, entrepreneuse, hesperinos, ionopause, overexpose, photocompose, superimpose, underexpose

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