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Words that nearly rhyme with "cant":

1 syllable:

act, aft, ain't, alt, and, apt, art, ast, backed, baht, ban, band, banned, bant, barn, bashed, bast, belt, bendt, bent, bente, bernd, berndt, bernt, blacked, bland, blast, blond, blonde, blot, blotch, blount, blunt, bond, bondt, bonet, bonte, bonze, bot, botch, bots, bott, bracht, bradt, brand, brande, brent, bronze, brunt, bult, bunt, bunte, burnt, calfed, can't, canned, capped, carn, cart, carte, cartes, cashed, cast, caste, celt, cent, chand, chart, clapped, clart, clashed, classed, clint, clon, clot, coft, con, conn, conte, cot, cotte, count, cracked, craft, crashed, crocked, crotch, cult, current, daft, darn, darned, dart, dashed, dassn't, dealt, dent, dente, dhondt, dint, don, don't, dot, draft, draught, dreamt, dropt, dunt, dwelt, ent, entr'acte, fact, faint, fanned, fart, fast, feint, feldt, felt, fendt, fent, flashed, flaunt, flint, flynt, fond, fonds, fonte, foxed, frond, frons, front, fuente, garn, gassed, gast, gaunt, gauntt, gent, ghent, gland, glassed, glint, glost, glunt, got, graft, grand, grande, grassed, grot, grunt, guan, hacked, haft, hand, hant, harns, harst, hart, hashed, hast, hatched, haunt, heart, heldt, helt, hint, hot, hotch, hult, hundt, hunt, hunte, hwan, jacked, jaunt, jent, john, joint, jot, joynt, jundt, kandt, kans, kant, karst, kast, kat, kent, kept, khan, khat, kindt, kint, klindt, klint, klundt, knelt, knot, kracht, krafft, kraft, kragt, kran, kyat, lacked, land, lande, lapped, lashed, last, lat, latched, laughed, lent, lint, lot, lundt, lunt, macht, man, manned, mapped, marked, mart, mashed, massed, mast, matched, maun, meant, melt, mente, mint, mon, mons, mont, motte, mount, mundt, munt, napped, nast, nat, naught, nonce, not, notch, on, opt, oughtn't, oughtst, packed, pact, paint, panned, part, passed, past, patched, pelt, pent, phon, phot, pint, planned, plot, pocked, point, pointe, pond, pons, ponte, pot, pott, pracht, print, prompt, prunt, puente, pundt, punt, pylant, qat, quaint, quint, racked, raft, rand, rant, rapped, rapt, rast, rath, rent, rindt, ronde, rot, rotte, runt, runte, sacked, saint, sand, sande, sapped, scanned, scant, scart, scent, schacht, schapped, schmaltz, schuldt, schult, schulte, schwandt, schwent, schwindt, sconce, scone, scot, scotch, scrapped, scratched, sent, shaft, shand, shot, shunt, sindt, skat, slacked, slapped, slashed, slot, smacked, smalt, smart, smashed, snapped, snatched, snot, sonde, sot, spanned, spent, splashed, splint, splotch, spot, sprint, squat, squint, st, stacked, stadt, staffed, stand, start, stashed, stent, stint, stopt, strand, strande, strapped, strunt, stunt, sult, sundt, svelte, swan, swat, swatch, swint, swot, tacked, tact, taft, taint, tanned, tapped, tarn, tart, taunt, tent, thatched, thrashed, tint, tot, tracht, tracked, tract, trapped, trashed, trent, triunitarian, trot, van, vande, vast, velte, vent, vint, volte, wan, wand, want, wast, watch, watt, weant, welt, welte, wendt, went, wente, weren't, whacked, windt, wint, won't, wont, wot, wracked, wrapped, yacht, yarn, yon, yount, zapped, zent

2 syllables:

abashed, abscond, abscound, abstract, abwatt, accent, account, acquaint, adapt, adopt, adult, affront, aghast, allot, amassed, amount, anon, apart, appoint, aren't, ascent, askant, aslant, assent, attached, attacked, attract, augment, avant, azan, barat, barchan, baton, begot, belat, besot, beyond, bouchon, bourland, brisance, buran, cabossed, calotte, capot, cardon, cement, chamotte, chazan, cheuvront, chiffon, cocotte, command, compact, compart, complaint, complot, concoct, confront, consarned, consent, constraint, consult, content, contract, contrast, coutant, cretonne, croissant, culottes, dalan, dallan, dayan, decant, decoct, deland, demand, dement, depart, descant, descent, despond, dessent, detached, detract, dewan, diffract, disband, discant, discount, dispart, dispatched, displant, dissent, distract, diwan, dumont, eggplant, elan, enact, enchant, enfant, ensconce, event, exact, expand, explant, extent, extract, feddan, ferment, fernand, firsthand, forgot, frequent, gallant, garotte, garrotte, gavotte, gerbrandt, gestalt, gipon, goban, goldarn, goldarned, guimont, hadn't, harassed, hasn't, haven't, hazan, hereon, hoiland, impact, impart, implant, imprint, infarct, insult, intact, intent, invent, jawan, kalian, kirpan, l'enfant, laband, labonte, lacount, lafont, lambaste, lament, lamont, lamonte, laplant, lapoint, lapointe, lecomte, lecount, lemont, liane, lucarne, machan, maidan, marchand, methought, mignon, mignonne, minyan, miscast, miscount, mismatched, misprint, misspent, namban, occult, offhand, outdance, outsmart, outspent, patonce, pecan, percent, pierpoint, plafond, poissant, ponce, postpartal, precast, present, prevent, react, recant, recapped, recast, recon, recount, redraft, relent, remand, rembrandt, repacked, repaint, repent, repot, reprint, resent, respond, response, restraint, result, retract, ribat, salon, savant, savants, scribanne, seawant, segment, shallot, sissonne, soutane, subtract, surmount, surpassed, tashkent, thereon, topnotch, toutant, transact, transplant, unasked, uncaught, uncropped, unknot, unlocked, unmanned, unmarked, unmatched, unplanned, unsought, unspent, untapped, untaught, upfront, upon, upstart, vanbrunt, vanpelt, vermont, whereon, withstand, yuan

3 syllables:

acrodont, advocaat, apparat, balmacaan, bankvermont, bunodont, circumvent, commandant, confidant, confidante, confidente, correspond, counterplot, creodont, datapoint, debutant, debutante, disappoint, discontent, disenchant, ennuyante, furiant, glyptodont, gouvernante, hereupon, homobront, inexact, interact, interknot, intrigante, isobront, jaburan, lophodont, loxodont, macedoines, macrodont, megadont, mesodont, microdont, nonchalance, nonevent, overfond, overmatched, overspent, platteland, predikant, readopt, reallot, reappoint, reinvent, renaissance, represent, resistante, restaurant, rosengrant, sansculotte, st_laurent, unabashed, unattached, unbesought, understand, underwent, unsurpassed, whereupon

4 syllables:

anisodont, counterattacked, countermand, cyprinodont, diphyodont, karaburan, misrepresent, misunderstand, overreact, powerplant, selenodont, subdebutante

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