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Words that nearly rhyme with "hand":

1 syllable:

ad, add, adz, adze, ant, aunt, bad, bade, badge, bagged, bandt, banged, banns, bans, bant, bend, bind, blend, blende, blind, blond, blonde, bombed, bond, bonde, boned, bound, brad, bragged, bran, brandt, brant, braund, browned, bummed, bund, bunde, burned, cad, cadge, calmed, can, can't, canst, cant, celled, chad, chained, chance, chant, chemed, churned, clad, clan, cleaned, cloned, coined, conde, conned, crabbed, crammed, cran, crowned, culled, curled, dad, dammed, damned, dance, dant, dawned, dined, dolled, donde, donned, downed, dragged, drained, droned, drowned, drummed, dulled, dunned, dwelled, earned, emde, end, ende, fad, fadge, fan, fant, feigned, feld, felde, felled, fend, fiend, find, fined, firmed, fjeld, flagged, flan, fond, found, freind, freund, friend, frond, fronde, frowned, fund, gad, gagged, gained, gan, gant, gantt, glad, glance, glans, gleaned, gond, grabbed, grad, grained, gran, grandt, grant, greened, grind, grinde, grinned, groaned, groined, ground, grund, gummed, gunned, had, hadj, hadst, hagged, hajj, halved, hamed, hance, hanged, hant, held, hemmed, hind, hinde, honed, hound, hulled, hund, hurled, hynd, jabbed, jagged, jammed, jandt, jazzed, joined, kandt, kant, kind, kunde, lad, lagged, lance, landt, lant, launce, leaned, learned, lend, lind, linde, lindh, lined, loaned, loynd, lulled, lund, lunde, lynd, lynde, mad, mandt, maned, manse, maund, meld, mend, mende, mind, mined, moaned, monde, mound, mulled, mund, nabbed, nagged, nan, nance, numbed, owned, pad, pained, pan, panne, pant, pants, pawned, pend, penned, pfund, phoned, pinned, plaid, plan, planed, plant, plante, plumbed, pond, pound, prad, prance, preened, pruned, quant, quelled, rad, rained, rammed, ran, rance, rant, reigned, reined, rend, rende, rind, ronde, round, rund, runde, sad, sagged, sandt, sans, sant, scad, scan, scant, scend, schlund, schrandt, schwind, scran, screened, send, shad, shelled, shend, shined, shunned, signed, sind, sinned, skinned, slammed, slant, smelled, snagged, sonde, sound, span, spawned, spelled, spend, sprained, spurned, stabbed, stained, stance, stant, stemmed, stoned, strained, stunned, summed, sund, sunde, swelled, swirled, swooned, tad, tagged, tan, tanh, tant, tend, termed, than, thinned, thumbed, toned, tongued, trad, trained, trance, trans, trant, trend, tunde, tuned, turned, twined, twirled, und, vend, wagged, wand, waned, weaned, weld, wend, wende, whirled, wind, wined, world, wound, yant, yawned, yearned, yelled, zant, zoned

2 syllables:

abound, abscond, abscound, abstained, adjourned, advance, advanced, affirmed, aground, aligned, allmond, amend, append, arend, around, arraigned, ascend, askance, askant, aslant, assigned, astound, attained, attend, attuned, aubade, aubades, backband, backhand, ballooned, bandstand, becalmed, bechance, beckstrand, bedad, bedstand, befriend, begad, began, behind, bemoaned, bergland, bergstrand, beyond, bookstand, broadband, cabane, cabstand, campaigned, careened, chagrined, cloudland, clubhand, coastland, combined, commend, compelled, complained, compound, concerned, condemned, condoned, confined, confirmed, confound, consigned, constrained, contained, contend, convened, corralled, cropland, crossband, crossland, decant, deckhand, declined, defend, defined, defund, demond, depend, descant, descend, designed, despond, detained, dethroned, discant, discerned, disdained, disowned, dispelled, dispend, displant, distend, divan, dockhand, doorbrand, dreamland, dumond, egad, elfland, elkind, embalmed, emend, enchant, endhand, enhance, enhanced, enjoined, enshrined, entwined, excelled, expanse, expelled, expend, explained, explant, expound, extend, fahlband, farmhand, farmland, fenland, fernald, festooned, filmland, finance, finland, firsthand, flatland, forbade, forefend, forehand, foreland, forestalled, forfend, freehand, gallant, gangland, gaumond, goddamned, grandstand, grassland, greenland, greensand, gschwind, guimond, harangued, impelled, impend, implant, impound, impugned, inbound, inclined, ingrained, inkstand, inland, inspan, intend, intoned, japan, kickstand, lafond, lamond, lampooned, lapland, leblond, levant, longhand, lybrand, machined, mainland, maintained, maligned, mankind, marchand, marchland, marooned, marshland, mckeand, midband, midland, mischance, missend, misspelled, misspend, moorland, myhand, newfound, neworld, newsstand, nightstand, northland, obtained, obtund, offend, offhand, opined, ordained, outland, outman, outran, outspan, outspend, parkland, patchstand, perchance, perpend, pertained, pian, platband, portend, postponed, preplan, pretend, profound, propelled, propend, purloined, queensland, quicksand, rainband, randan, ratan, rattan, rebelled, rebound, recant, redan, redound, refined, reflagged, refrained, refund, regained, rejoined, relend, remained, reman, remind, renowned, repelled, replan, replant, rescind, resend, resigned, respond, restrained, retained, retrained, returned, rhineland, romance, rotund, saran, scabland, sealand, sedan, shirtband, shorthand, socalled, southland, stagehand, subtend, succumbed, sundstrand, supplant, surround, suspend, sustained, swampland, sweatband, tailband, tarpan, thailand, tideland, tisane, trainband, transcend, transplant, transworld, trapan, trepan, unbend, unbound, unburned, unclad, unearned, unfurled, unhand, unkenned, unkind, unlined, unman, unsigned, unsound, unsunned, untrained, unturned, unwind, unwound, upend, upheld, vansandt, vanzandt, vineland, washstand, wasteland, watchband, wetland, withheld, woodland, wristband, yclad, yearend

3 syllables:

allemande, ampersand, apprehend, ascertained, beforehand, bellyband, borderland, businessland, candlestand, coextend, commandant, comprehend, condescend, confidant, confidante, confidente, contraband, correspond, counterbrand, countermand, deodand, discommend, disenchant, disentrance, disinclined, disneyland, dixieland, entertained, fairyland, fatherland, fellowman, ferdinand, firebrand, graduand, harmattan, honorand, integrand, interblend, intertwined, intervened, intrigante, ironclad, mitterrand, motherland, movieland, musicland, operand, overfond, overglance, overhand, overland, overman, overran, overspend, preordained, radicand, rataplan, reaffirmed, realigned, reascend, reassigned, recommend, reconfirmed, reconvened, redefined, redesigned, reprehend, reprimand, rosamund, saraband, secondhand, shadowland, slumberland, superadd, superfund, tableland, timberland, ultrasound, unconcerned, unconfined, unconfirmed, unconstrained, undefined, underhand, undermanned, undermined, underspend, unexplained, unrefined, unrestrained, wonderland

4 syllables:

analysand, catamaran, computerland, interdepend, misapprehend, modificand, overextend, superintend, underwithheld, vacationland

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