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Words that nearly rhyme with "just":

1 syllable:

aced, ast, at, aust, based, bashed, bast, beast, berst, best, beste, blast, blessed, blest, bluffed, blunt, blushed, boast, boost, bost, braced, breast, brest, brost, brunt, brushed, brusque, bucked, bult, bunt, bunte, burst, bus, busk, buss, but, butt, cashed, cast, caste, ceased, chased, chaste, chest, chrest, christ, chryst, chucked, chut, cist, clashed, classed, clutch, clutched, coast, cost, coste, crashed, crest, crist, crossed, crus, crushed, crutch, crux, cult, cupped, cursed, cusk, cusp, cusped, cuss, cut, cutch, cyst, daoust, dashed, dassn't, dest, diced, doused, dressed, drest, drost, droste, ducked, duct, dulse, dumps, dunce, dunt, durst, dusk, east, este, faced, fast, faust, feast, feist, fest, first, fist, flashed, fleeced, fluffed, flushed, flux, foist, foust, frist, front, frost, furst, fuss, gassed, gast, geist, gerst, gest, geste, ghost, ghrist, gist, glassed, glossed, glost, glunt, glut, graced, grassed, greased, grist, grossed, groused, grunt, grutch, guessed, guest, gushed, gut, guts, hashed, hast, haste, hearst, heist, herst, hest, hirst, hissed, hoist, host, huffed, hult, hundt, hunt, hunte, hurst, hushed, husk, huss, hut, hutch, iced, jest, joist, joost, jost, jundt, jus, jut, kast, keast, kerst, khost, kirst, kissed, kist, kleist, kludt, klundt, klutz, knost, kost, krist, laced, lashed, last, leased, least, lest, list, liszt, loosed, lost, lucht, luffed, luft, lundt, lunt, lux, mashed, massed, mast, maust, messed, mest, missed, mist, moist, most, much, mulct, mumps, mundt, munt, musk, muss, mut, mutt, nast, nest, neste, nist, nursed, nut, nuts, once, ost, oughtn't, oust, paced, passed, past, paste, pest, pfost, pieced, placed, plucked, plus, post, poust, pressed, prest, priced, priest, prost, proust, prunt, puffed, pulse, pundt, punt, pursed, pus, putt, quast, quest, quist, raced, rast, rest, reust, rist, roast, roost, rost, roughed, ruest, ruffed, runt, runte, rushed, rusk, rut, sant, schuldt, schult, schulte, scuffed, sculpt, scut, shucked, shunt, shut, slashed, sliced, slut, smashed, smut, snuffed, spaced, spiced, splashed, spliced, spruced, squashed, stashed, stoudt, stressed, strunt, strut, studt, stuffed, stunt, such, sucked, sult, sundt, taste, test, thirst, thrashed, thus, toast, tossed, tost, toste, touch, touched, traced, trashed, trest, trieste, triunitarian, troost, trost, trucked, truss, tryst, tucked, tuft, tufte, tusk, twist, upped, us, vast, versed, vest, voest, voiced, waist, washed, wast, waste, weast, werst, west, what, wist, woeste, worst, wrest, wrist, wurst, yeast, yoast, yost, zest

2 syllables:

abashed, abduct, abreast, abrupt, abut, accost, acquest, addressed, adduct, addwest, adjust, adult, affront, aghast, amassed, amhoist, appressed, appulse, arrest, assessed, assist, attest, bankeast, baptiste, behest, bequest, cabossed, celeste, centrust, coerced, compressed, concert, concuss, conduct, confessed, confront, congest, consist, construct, consult, contest, contrast, conversed, convert, convulse, corrupt, d'allest, debased, debus, deceased, decreased, deduced, deduct, defaced, defrost, delist, depressed, desist, destruct, detest, devest, digest, disbursed, discuss, disgraced, dismissed, dispersed, displaced, disrupt, distaste, distressed, divest, divulse, egest, embossed, embraced, embus, emersed, encased, englut, engrossed, enlist, enticed, erased, eruct, erupt, excerpt, excuss, exhaust, exist, expressed, exult, farwest, finessed, foretaste, frequent, funest, harassed, hasn't, haven't, headfirst, healthtrust, immersed, impressed, imprest, increased, incult, induced, induct, indult, infest, ingest, insert, insist, instruct, insult, invert, invest, irrupt, lacoste, lambaste, luckiest, medfirst, midpriced, midwest, miscast, misplaced, mispriced, molest, natwest, ne, nonesuch, nonplus, northeast, northwest, norwest, obsessed, obstruct, obtest, occult, oppressed, pentrust, penwest, percuss, permute, persist, piecrust, policed, possessed, precast, precut, prestressed, produced, professed, progressed, protest, rebuffed, rebut, recast, recessed, reduced, reduct, rehearsed, rejoiced, released, reluct, replaced, repressed, repriced, repulse, request, resist, result, retest, retouch, retraced, reversed, riposte, rivest, sawdust, seduced, southeast, southwest, stardust, stateswest, subduct, submersed, subsist, succuss, sufficed, suggest, suntrust, suppressed, surpassed, toniest, trendiest, unblessed, unblest, uncut, undressed, unhusk, unjust, unplaced, unplucked, unpressed, unrest, unstressed, unstuffed, untouched, untruss, unwashed, upfront, upthrust, vanbrunt, vannest

3 syllables:

acquiesced, bundobust, citytrust, coalesced, coexist, counterthrust, decongest, deconstruct, delegate, diagnosed, disinfest, disinvest, dispossessed, dryasdust, forasmuch, incorrupt, insomuch, intercut, interfirst, interlaced, interrupt, interspersed, introduced, meditrust, misconduct, overmuch, overthrust, preadult, predigest, preinstruct, prudentrust, readjust, rearrest, reassessed, reconstruct, reimbursed, reinvest, reminisced, repossessed, reproduced, telequest, unabashed, unaddressed, underthrust, unexpressed, unimpressed, unpossessed, unredressed, unreleased, unsurpassed, wanderlust

4 syllables:

ameritrust, jurisconsult, misdiagnosed, overproduced, reintroduced, unreimbursed

5 syllables:


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