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Words that nearly rhyme with "left":

1 syllable:

belt, bent, best, bet, beth, blessed, blest, breast, brent, brest, cent, checked, chef, chest, cleft, coughed, craft, crept, crest, daft, deaf, dealt, debt, decked, dent, draft, draught, dreamt, dressed, drift, dwelt, elf, ent, este, etch, etched, felt, fest, fetch, fetched, fleshed, flexed, fluffed, fret, gent, get, gift, goofed, graft, guessed, guest, haft, helt, het, huffed, jest, jet, kent, kept, ketch, knelt, laughed, leafed, leant, leaped, leapt, lent, lest, let, lev, lift, loft, meant, melt, mente, meshed, messed, mest, met, miffed, nest, net, next, oft, pelt, pent, pest, pet, pressed, puffed, quest, raft, ref, rent, rest, retch, rift, roughed, scent, scoffed, scuffed, self, sent, sept, set, sexed, shaft, shelf, shift, sift, sketch, sketched, slept, smelt, sniffed, snuffed, soft, spelt, spent, stepped, stressed, stretch, stretched, stuffed, sweat, swept, swift, tempt, tent, test, text, threat, thrift, trent, tuft, unkempt, vent, vest, vet, vexed, waft, welt, went, wept, west, wet, whet, wrecked, wrest, yet, zest

2 syllables:

abreast, accent, accept, addressed, adept, adrift, affect, against, aloft, arrest, ascent, attempt, attest, beget, behest, beset, brunette, cassette, cement, collect, compressed, condensed, confessed, connect, consent, contempt, content, correct, corvette, defect, deflect, depressed, descent, detect, detest, digest, direct, dissect, dissent, distressed, divest, duet, effect, effects, eject, elect, erect, event, except, exempt, expect, expressed, extent, farfetched, ferment, forget, herself, himself, impressed, indent, inept, infect, infest, inflect, ingest, inject, inspect, intent, invent, invest, itself, lament, misspent, molest, musette, myself, neglect, nonet, obsessed, oneself, oppressed, ourself, outstretch, outstretched, palette, percent, perfect, perplexed, possessed, preset, prevent, professed, progressed, protect, quartet, quintet, reflect, refreshed, regret, reject, relent, repent, repressed, request, resent, reset, respect, roulette, select, southwest, subject, suggest, suppressed, suspect, thyself, torment, unblessed, unchecked, undressed, unfelt, unkept, unmeant, unmet, unrest, unspent, unwept, uplift, upset, yourself

3 syllables:

cigarette, circumvent, clarinet, coalesced, disconnect, discontent, disrespect, incorrect, indirect, intercept, interject, intersect, microsoft, minuet, overslept, pirouette, recollect, reconnect, redirect, reinvent, represent, resurrect, silhouette, underwent, unexpressed, unimpressed

4 syllables:


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