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Words that nearly rhyme with "lost":

1 syllable:

aced, ast, ault, aux, balked, based, bast, beast, berst, best, beste, blast, blessed, blest, blust, boart, boast, boost, bort, bortz, bost, bought, braced, brault, breast, brest, brost, brought, brust, burst, bused, bussed, bust, cast, caste, caught, ceased, chalked, chased, chaste, chaunt, chest, chrest, christ, chryst, cist, classed, coast, cocked, comte, comtes, conte, contes, corked, corpse, corse, cort, corte, coste, coughed, court, crest, crist, croft, cross, crosse, crust, cursed, cyst, daoust, dault, daunt, daut, dawt, dest, diced, dorse, dort, dost, doused, dressed, dross, drost, droste, durst, dust, east, este, faced, false, fast, fault, faust, feast, feist, fest, first, fist, flaunt, fleeced, floss, foist, foret, forked, fort, forte, fought, foust, fraught, frist, furst, fussed, fust, galt, gassed, gast, gault, gaunt, gauntt, geist, gerst, gest, ghat, ghost, ghrist, gist, glassed, glossed, gorse, gort, graced, grassed, greased, grist, grossed, groused, guessed, guest, gust, guste, halt, hast, haste, haunt, haupt, hawked, hearst, heist, herst, hirst, hissed, hoist, horse, horst, host, hurst, hust, iced, jaunt, jest, joist, joost, jost, just, kalt, kast, keast, kerst, khost, kirst, kissed, kist, kleist, knost, knust, kort, korte, kost, krist, laced, last, leased, least, lest, list, liszt, loft, loosed, loss, lust, malt, massed, mast, mault, messed, mest, missed, mist, moist, morse, mort, moss, most, moste, must, n'importe, nast, nault, nautch, nest, neste, nist, norte, nought, nursed, oast, oct, oft, ohrt, ort, ost, ought, oust, paced, passed, past, paste, pest, pfost, pieced, placed, port, porte, post, poust, pressed, prest, priced, priest, prost, proust, prust, pursed, pushed, pylant, quart, quartz, quashed, quast, quest, quist, raced, rast, raught, rest, reust, rist, roast, roost, ross, rost, ruest, rust, salt, sauce, sault, schwandt, scoffed, short, shortt, sliced, snort, soft, sort, sought, spaced, spiced, spliced, sport, spruced, squashed, stalked, staudt, stressed, swapped, swart, talked, taste, taught, taunt, taut, test, thirst, thought, thrust, thwart, toast, toft, torse, torsk, tort, toste, traced, traudt, trest, trieste, troost, trost, trussed, trust, tryst, twist, vast, vault, vaunt, versed, vest, voest, voiced, waist, walked, walt, waltz, want, wart, washed, waste, watched, weast, werst, west, wist, woeste, worst, wrest, wrist, wrought, wurst, yeast, yoast, yost, yust, zest, zwart

2 syllables:

abort, abought, abreast, across, addorsed, addressed, addwest, adjust, adorsed, adust, aghast, ahorse, aloft, amassed, amhoist, amort, antrorse, arrest, assault, assessed, assist, assort, athwart, attest, august, avaunt, bankeast, baptiste, basalt, behest, bequest, besought, bethought, cavort, celeste, challoth, clevetrust, coerced, combust, compressed, confessed, consist, consort, contest, contort, contrast, contraste, conversed, coutant, covault, crisscrossed, d'allest, debased, debauch, deceased, decreased, deduced, defaced, default, degust, dehort, delist, deport, depressed, derust, desalt, desist, detest, digest, disbursed, discussed, disgraced, disgust, dismissed, dispersed, displaced, distaste, distort, distraught, distressed, distrust, divest, emboss, embraced, emersed, encased, encrust, endorse, endorsed, engrossed, enlist, enticed, entrust, enwrought, erased, escort, exalt, exhort, exist, expressed, extort, extrorse, farwest, finessed, foretaste, halloth, handwrought, harassed, headfirst, hjort, hoarfrost, huppoth, immersed, import, impressed, increased, incrust, indorse, induced, ingest, insist, intort, introrse, intrust, invest, inwrought, jeancourt, kuralt, lacrosse, laforte, lambaste, laplant, laporte, luckiest, mccort, mccourt, medfirst, midpriced, midwest, miscast, misplaced, mispriced, mistrust, molest, natwest, ne, nonplussed, northeast, northwest, norwest, obsessed, oppressed, outcross, penwest, perrault, persist, pinault, poissant, policed, possessed, precast, precourt, produced, professed, progressed, purport, rancourt, recast, recessed, reduced, rehearsed, rejoiced, released, remorse, replaced, report, repressed, repriced, request, resist, resort, retest, retort, retraced, retrorse, reversed, riposte, robust, sclerosed, seduced, southeast, southwest, stateswest, stenosed, submersed, subsist, succoth, sufficed, suggest, sukkoth, support, suppressed, surpassed, toniest, toutant, transport, trendiest, unhorse, unjust, unplaced, unrest, unstalked, unthought, untrussed, unvoiced, unwarped, unwashed, valcourt, vancourt, vannest, vanwart

3 syllables:

acquiesced, aliyoth, antirust, antitrust, armacost, coalesced, coexist, diagnosed, dispossessed, holocaust, hypocaust, intercross, interfirst, interlaced, interspersed, introduced, microsoft, overbought, overwrought, pentecost, ravigote, readjust, reassessed, reimbursed, reinvest, reminisced, repossessed, reproduced, st_laurent, tallitoth, teleport, telequest, unaddressed, unimpressed, unreleased, unsurpassed, vicomte

4 syllables:

hesperinos, misdiagnosed, overproduced, reintroduced, trachybasalt, underreport, unreimbursed

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